Stay Positive, Stay Connected, Stay Strong.

There is no better test of strength for a community than how its individuals come together and support one another during difficult times. This morning, nearly 100 brokers, management, marketing and staff members joined the first of what will be bi-weekly virtual sales meetings, led by our CEO Frederick Peters.

We discussed and shared ideas on how we can keep doing the job that we love, which is one that relies so heavily on close relationships and connectivity, from a responsible distance. We will continue to help our owners sell what is likely their largest asset, and our buyers find a home where they can grow, be themselves and ultimately, feel safe.

This is a testament to our Warburg family’s commitment to continue providing our clients with the utmost care and professional service, backed by the industry’s greatest senior leadership, while we closely monitor, assess and respond appropriately to the situation at hand.

Together we remain positive, connected and strong, and wish you and your loved ones remain in good health.

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